FRP Lining And Coating

The FRP Lining and Coating that we manufacture is used extensively in industries for various purposes. FRP has several properties that make it suitable for the adverse and hostile conditions of an industrial environment: non corrosive, weather proof, fire retardant and impact resistant. FRP is also chemical resistant (free from environmental, acidic and alkaline corrosion). That is why tanks used to store chemicals are lined with FRP. Our fiberglass lining is leak proof and resistant to corrosion. The material is ideal for fabricating roof tops and lining metal tanks. The FRP lining that we supply for industrial purposes is highly capable of withstanding adverse conditions. Our FRP linings are of excellent quality, and are available at cost-effective prices.

For its properties of chemical resistant, leak proof or UV Proof, FRP lining and coating usually apply on an original substrate such as concrete, mild steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, PVC, PP, PVDF, PE, EPS or any thermoplastic. An underground steel tank will need an external protection barrier to protect itself from the acidic environment or weather. The FRP raw material used in the lamination of lining and coating is depending on the site conditions or as per customer spec.