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About Us

Cradotex Group was established and incorporated in Malaysia in 1981 to its present capacity as an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Integrated Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Manufacturing Centre. We gained entry into the Composite Fabrication Association in 1995 which gives updates on FRP Advanced Technology.

We are recognized as the leader in FRP/GRP Manufacturing Industries through successful projects delivered in the past. In the mean time, we are also proud to be one of the biggest FRP/GRP Engineer and Quality Manufacturer in Malaysia.


Operation & Maintenance
Technical Information

FRP Tank Care And Operation Inspection

  • On installation of your tanks, Cradotex recommends that regular routine inspection and maintenance are carried out as part of your company’s preventative maintenance program.

Handling & Installation
Technical Information

Tank Construction Design

The most important feature of a fiberglass tank is the corrosion resistance of the tank. Our corrosion barrier laminate is made up of the Inner Surface and Interior Layer combined. Our FRP tank is built using a mold to ensure a resin rich smooth internal barrier to create better corrosion resistance.

Industries We Serve

Design Capabilities

Design and overall strength calculation of tank – for static, dynamic, earthquake and wind loads. In design calculation, including submission to the Department Of Environmental (DOE) – for fume scrubber and dust collector.

Featured Products

Do you know that Cradotex is...

  • The leader in FRP / GRP Manufacturing Industries through the successful projects delivered in the past
  • One of the biggest FRP / GRP Engineer and Quality Manufacturer in Malaysia
  • Fiberglass product technology is based on innovative research and a thorough knowledge of process control and application technology