FRP Strainer

The FRP Series is a state-of-the-art basket strainer system that is chemically tolerant of most industrial and process chemicals. It is commonly used in corrosive chemicals inline pipe or as a pump strainer. These strainers can dramatically improve protection of corrosive system components such as pumps and heat exchanges.

Port configurations include the standard inline design, as well as offset, angled offset, and boot configurations if required. The FRP’s unique five-part construction delivers the finest in chemical, abrasion, and impact resistance:

  • Two Chemical Barriers: Nominal thickness 10 mils of Nexus veil, resin to 10% reinforcement. (Layers 1 & 4)​
  • Anti-wicking barrier: 100 mil of chopped strand glass, 75% resin to 25% reinforcement. (Layer 2)
  • Structural Layer: Filament wound continuous roving, wind angle 55 deg: 30% resin to 70% reinforcement. (Layer 3)
  • Exterior Protection: Polyester resins gel coating. 10-mil thickness. (Layer 5)

All of our strainers are available in duplex configuration, which includes the option is to purchase a duplex assembly minus the isolation valves. See our Duplex Strainers for more information.